Most of this goes without saying. But we like to cover it, in case there are newbies joining us and a refresher course of rules and reminders can never hurt anyone. Who knows – there may be some information here that you have not thought of.


Who you see, what you hear, and what happens at the club is to be kept PRIVATE. Sharing inside club activities with non-members would terminate your membership.



For starters;  Establish Ground Rules. Before stepping foot in a club — especially if you’re going with a significant other — know your limits. COMMUNICATION  is key.


Leave the drama at the door. We want everyone to be friendly and have no attitude.


And of course, good hygiene is a must!



No means NO! Plain and simple. We are all here to have safe fun. Pleasure or pain? That’s up to you. But  NO  means  NO!   We don’t all like the same thing. That’s human nature. Anyone has the right to refuse your advances as you have the right to refuse theirs. Don’t expect or ask for any explanation.


Not everyone will be a match. We  come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And an improperly handled situation can result in hurt feelings. BE COURTEOUS. If there’s someone that you would like to swing with, let them know in a friendly manner and accept their response, whatever it may be. If they change their mind, they’ll let you know.


IT’S  EASY TO SMILE and be a friend to all, even if you don’t want to extend the night or don’t have any interest in getting physical with someone. You may catch a vibe by being nice with the others in our community. They may put you across to people who you may be interested in.



Always Ask First. Before joining anyone that’s already fooling around, make sure they’re aware of your intentions. A simple “May I?” will suffice. But don’t just barge in there—wait for the right moment. If you have your eye on someone and they’re mid-multiple orgasm, hold off.


There is no picture taking or video filming without consent. We must respect everyone’s privacy.

Do not over indulge in alcohol. Drink responsibly.

No Prostitution or exchanging gifts or money for sex.

This is a non-smoking building.




A friendly “hello” can go a long way to ease someone’s discomfort or shyness.


Remember to treat others  as you would wish to be treated.


People are interested in YOU, so relax and be yourself. People want to get to know you.


Beyond the sex, you will find a camaraderie and friendships among most of us. Even if you have no interest in swinging with someone, remember to always be polite and courteous. You may have other things in common and develop a friendship.



The lifestyle of swinging can raise valid insecurities, uncertainties and fears. You’re not always going to find people that share the exact same views that you do. Always  be aware of other people’s comfort levels, especially your partner.








Safe sex is when people who have taken precautions to protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as HIV. It is also referred to as safer sex or protected sex, while unsafe or unprotected sex is sexual activity engaged in without precautions, especially forgoing  condom use.


Practicing safe sex is each person’s individual choice. It’s a very important choice. Anyone’s decision to use condoms should be politely accepted.


Condoms are provided at no charge and they are available in every room in the club. Anyone not willing to accept this decision is acting irresponsibly and disrespectfully. Please dispose of your condoms in the garbage and put your used towels in the hamper.


If someone’s willing to be intimate with you, you owe them the simple courtesy of respecting their comfort level.


Although some safe sex practices can be used as birth control (contraception), most forms of contraception do not protect against STIs; likewise, some safe sex practices, like partner selection and low-risk sex behavior, are not effective forms of contraception but should be considered before engaging in any form of intercourse to reduce risk.



Swinging is about having a good time. Live some fantasies, explore your sexuality and enjoy!

Swinging can be every bit as invigorating, exciting and fulfilling as you can ever imagine. It opens a window to explore your favorite fantasies in safe mode. You and your partner can work out in private, and yet you can enjoy another couple or get a group swing in just one evening.


Meeting new interesting people and making bold friends are potential side-effects of swinging. Swinging also has the common positive effect of enhancing your relationship and personal life to a great extent. The positive feeling about yourself, your mate, and your relationship is the most important factor while swinging.


(Partial Source – LOVE  PANKY  – A great source for love and relationship information!)


If you have a problem while in the club, please let someone know ASAP. We have a much better chance of fixing a problem you may encounter if we know about it BEFORE you leave. Calls the next day rarely solve issues you may have experienced the night before.


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